Our story begins over a decade ago, as two Bristol University alumni writing code at Netsight, a well respected web development agency. A mutual love of food, films and Apple products became the seeds of a working relationship that has grown over countless projects together.

Our first project, back in 2006, was a baptism of fire for us both - approx. 200 days work for a team of four delivering a corporate intranet for a large multinational. It was also a resounding success, with both the system and the customer relationship evolving over many years, and continues to be central to that customer's business to this day.

Since then, our working relationship has been the backbone of a broad array of web projects. Like our hollywood namesakes, our roles have changed over the years as we’ve learned to focus on our different strengths. Ben’s business brain always sees the potential in new ideas, and Matt’s methodical mind delivers the results. Along the way we have adapted to new technologies and refined our processes - becoming a more agile, responsive, adaptable and effective team as a result.

We start simple. We move fast. We evolve together.
We are NIMBLE.

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